20/20 Vision: Week #2

Two weeks into my writing residency at Mackie’s Corner, and my head is absolutely spinning. I’ve had a great time chatting with the artists involved in this fantastic exhibition, all of whom are very different in their approach and choice of subject.

Hearing about the different techniques each artist employs has also inspired some big breakthroughs in my main writing project. I’ve written two zines so far, each of which contains a piece of flash fiction set in the world I am building for this project (the working title of which is ‘Another Sunderland’).

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20/20 Vision: Week #1

It’s been a week since the 20/20 Vision exhibition opened at Mackie’s Corner in Sunderland. A unique collection of work by 20 local artists over 6 weeks, 20/20 Vision is the brain-child of my good friend, Barrie West. The quality and variety of the work he has collected is fantastic, and visitors to the exhibition have commented on both its range and accessibility.

I’m one of three residents at the exhibition, the others being Mark Peverley (painter), and Anthony Barstow (sculptor). My plan is to create new writing and workshop material, inspired by the pieces exhibited and the practice of the artists involved.

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Lazy [insert generic swear word] Some Random Bloke (from his car window)

Disrupting Your Muse: Crossing the Streams (Part 2 of 2)

This term at Hendon Writers, we’re shaking up what and how we write. These workshops are ideal for writers stuck in a rut, writing stories about the same old themes, with the same old characters doing the same old stuff.

Today’s exercises draw inspiration from Romanitas, a photography exhibition by John Kippin. The collection is both a visual document of a specific period of Italian history (i.e. the fascist ‘20s and ‘30s), and a fascinating series of juxtapositions between people and place, making them fertile material for us writerly types.

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