If you don’t have time to read, you don’t have time (or the tools) to write.
Stephen King

Like a lot of parents, I sometimes struggle to persuade the boys to make time for reading. There are just so many other pulls on their time and attention, from their many hobbies and their busy social lives, to Spotify, Netflix, the PS3, YouTube… the list goes on.

Recently, we tweaked Thing 2’s bed-time routine to include 30 minutes of reading time. His mum and I used to read to him, but now he’s reading to himself (he can still have a story from us if he wants, but that means going to bed earlier). We stay in the room with him, so he still has that bonding time, but we’re all reading our own books.

Last night, Thing 2 asked if we’d all read with him (me, his mum, and Thing 1). For half an hour, peace descended on the House of Whitman. Well, except for the odd giggle from Thing 2.

We made this change to Thing 2’s routine maybe a couple of weeks ago, and it’s really boosted the amount of time he spends reading. Not only that, because he’s got his nose in a book every night, he’s more motivated to read at other times, too.

If you’ve got a reluctant reader at home (yourself included), give Family Reading Time a try. If nothing else, there’s something deeply relaxing about the sound of four (or two, or twenty) people turning pages in a room together.

Until next time… toodle-oo!