James Whitman

Author, playwright and creative writing tutor, based in Sunderland.

Writing Workshops

Members of the East Boldon U3A writing group during a Mackem Craic workshop at Spark Sunderland.

Members of the East Boldon U3A writing group during a workshop at Spark Sunderland.

I’ve run writing workshops in community venues across the north-east of England (including Sunderland Museum, The Word, The Laing Gallery, Spark Sunderland, Arts Centre Washington), and in more schools than you can shake a rolled up exercise book at.

I love designing new content for each group of participants. This means my workshops can be about anything from Nissan-inspired haiku to pan-dimensional library massacres to ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ games based on Kafka’s Metamorphosis (plus all the usual stuff, like character development, dialogue, and the Oxford comma). I can also deliver Arts Award (up to Silver level), if that’s something you’re into.

Currently, I lead a regular writing group at Back on the Map (in Hendon, Sunderland). If you’d like to come along, we’ll be meeting every other Tuesday afternoon, from 7th May to 16th July 2019.

If you’d like me to run some writing workshops for you, please get in touch.

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