What sort of stuff do I write? All sorts, really. I’ve written a novella, several short plays, and an award-winning audio comedy drama. I realise that’s probably not very helpful, so here’s some examples. This is just the stuff that got nominated for / won awards.

Grafters Gables

Heroes of Hendon - A Grafters Gables novella

Available at Amazon (click image).

Grafters Gables is a unique combination of street art and storytelling.

Working with the ridiculously talented street artist, Frank Styles, I wrote a novella and a street play that told the stories behind eight massive murals he painted on gable-ends around Hendon, in Sunderland.

Mackem Craic

Jay Sykes and me, collecting our Community Radio Award.

Collecting our Community Radio Award. (That’s me on the right, in the dad shirt.)

Mackem Craic is an audio comedy drama, staged to sound like a local radio phone-in, but with a supernatural twist — the former host is trolling the show from beyond the grave. The show won Community Development Project of the Year at the Community Radio Awards 2017.

For this project, I worked with award-winning director Corinne Kilvington (Theatre Space NE), and the equally award-winning Jay Sykes (Spark Radio), along with 160 participants from local schools and community groups.